Friday, April 01, 2005

Hoops: The Chi-Town Scene

There are some serious ballers developed in the Chicago public leagues. Evidently one cop-father opened a gym and his heart (cliche of the week) to a lot of those kids to keep them off the streets.

Nobody ever got shot in the gym. So during summer months when adolescent boys had been known to find trouble on the streets of this Chicago suburb, Sgt. Chris Brown pulled some strings to get the keys to the Proviso East High School gym and turn it into a playroom for his son, Shannon, and friends such as Dee Brown.

Talent galore filled it regularly. The roster also included Charles Richardson Jr., a reserve at Nebraska who was the point guard when the two Browns played at Proviso East. Former Manley standout Luther Head, suddenly an Illini legend, occasionally showed up. As did ex-Chicago high school stars Will Bynum, a standout at Georgia Tech, and Tony Allen, a member of the Boston Celtics, among others.