Saturday, February 26, 2005

Where are they now - Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson was cut by the Atlanta Hawks last week...... There's a good chance Anderson lands back with the Celtics.

Although Danny Ainge's next move remains uncertain, the executive director of basketball operations will add a player to the roster. Although that player could be Payton, veteran point guard Kenny Anderson, who was waived by Atlanta Thursday, is a strong candidate. Anderson will clear waivers Monday at 3 p.m., and like Walker, he would welcome a return trip to Boston. "I left Boston on a high note and I liked playing with Paul and Antoine," said Anderson, when reached by phone in Los Angeles. "I like the team they have. It would be real comfortable there."

Meanwhile, evidently Anderson is buddies with Flavor Flav, the Public Enemy sidekick and "star" of VH1's "Strange Love".

As he makes that statement via cell phone, Flav (born William Drayton) is holding court in a booth at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles off Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. "Flavor Flav is doing it, boyee," enthuses the manic performer, who still often wears his trademark outsize clock on his chest. "Hollywood!"

The conversation is disjointed, because every few minutes he will put down the phone to gab with a passing athlete ("I'm talking to my boy Kenny Anderson," of basketball's Atlanta Hawks) or actor, such as Faizon Love ("You ever seen 'Friday?' Big Worm just came in and gave me love. Jigga Worm!")