Wednesday, January 30, 2008

News You Already Knew

I am assuming that you knew that our assistant AD - Wayne Hogan - interviewed for the AD job at FSU. Evidently he cried.......... or rather talked about the time he cried when FSU lost when he was 10 years old. I guess he's Seminole to the core and wants the job bad. He also referenced GT's "Total Person" Program, and other great things that have happened at GT:

"To the idea of bridging your gap, the academic folks in athletics and the athletic director need to pay special attention to the faculty on the campus," Hogan said. "Get to know those people. Create a relationship with those people. . . . Our athletic program is one part of a much bigger picture here at Florida State and we need to act that way. We need to be a part of faculty relations. I think we've done that very well at Georgia Tech."
Of course Wayne had to help clean-up that little flunky-gatey, probationy thingy that happened a few years ago. I guess I wish the best for Wayne if this is the gig he wants. Don'e want to keep a guy from his dream.