Sunday, January 13, 2008

Football - The Triple Option Playbook

"Coach, that's a pretty small playbook"

"I run six plays. Split veer. It's like novacane. Give it time. It always works"

- Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone, in "Remember the Titans"

I watched this movie again the other night. The "split veer" is a form of the triple option. In fact, I found a website that sets straight some truths and falsehoods from the movie and found this:

7.Did you really run six plays?
The foundation of the offense consisted of six plays; they were all variations of the triple option veer. In addition to the basic running plays, which could be run from several different formations, we had a set of passing plays and a few other plays, traps, sweeps, screens, etc. The basic six plays each had three options and could be run in either direction, so in reality we had a lot of plays.

Just an interesting side note................ and a fantastic movie to boot............... and based on a true story.