Friday, September 28, 2007

The Secret to Boston College's Offense?

Could it be their Offensive Coordinator Steve Logan? Makes a lot of sense to me. One of my buddies, Bryan, sent me the following interesting bit of trivia that you might have known.

"During the BC game Saturday night, Steve Logan called the plays that carved us up. That's the second time he killed us. In 1991, he was the offensive genius behind the curtain at East Carolina University. That offense got Bill Lewis his only winning season as a head coach, and thus the Tech job. In hindsight, Homer Rice hired the wrong coach off of that ECU staff - he should have hired Logan. Logan got the HC job at ECU, went 69-58, and took ECU to five bowls in eleven years. They fired him b/c he didn't win enough, but honestly, winning 54% of you games at the fourth North Carolina school is respectable, to say the least. Not to take anything away from Ryan, who is a fantastic player, but Logan did a pretty good job breaking down our defense Saturday night. "

In case you are interested, prior to taking the BC OC job, Logan was an NFL Europe head coach before they folded that league and also had a short stint in NC as a sports radio show host. Now, I have to tell you that the radio station he was on posted his shows as podcasts, and they were without a doubt THE most interesting sports radio shows I have EVER heard. They guy talked straight up, no bull, and he also happened to like to talk about blues music (which I love) and fishing (which I enjoy but never do anymore). However, his discussions about football were fascinating because he talked about the game and gameplanning and strategy. He would explain the difference between zone blocking and other types. He would talk about why certain things work at the college level but don't in the NFL. He would talk about the difference between talent and coaching and the impact on winning.

Here is a link to the radio station blog that posted his shows as blogs. Actually, here's a link to the search results to find "the LoganZone", which is what his show was called. There are some highly entertaining radio there folks. I am not sure if the links to the shows are still active, but if they are it's worth a listen.

So did we hire the wrong guy back in the B&*$ L$#*& era? (that's the way many fans refer to it). Could have been.