Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are you Ready? Are you Pumped?

It is about time to start getting the engine revved for this weekend. This game against BC will be a true test of our worthiness of national recognition and a chance to take a major step towards getting back to the ACC championship.

How about this quote from Coach Gailey, when interviewed on 790thezone this morning (from someone at Hive):

Question: We all know that Jon Tenuta's defense can rattle opposing QB's. But can you count on an experienced QB like Matt Ryan to be rattled?

Gailey response: You can't count on rattling him. You can count on hitting him. And hopefully after enough hits he becomes rattled.

I love it!!! Great stuff.

To get you going just a bit more - check out this video of the off-season workouts by the Jackets and 2006 highlights. Yeah baby!!!!