Monday, June 11, 2007

Football - More on the Truth

....... the Truth that is Calvin Johnson:

Not only does Mike O'Hara predict Calvin Johnson's salary at $28 million, based upon last Reggie Bush's (last year's No. 2 pick) plus a seven percent gain, but he also quotes Jon Kitna talking glowingly about the Lions' rookie.

June 10, Detroit News: "He's a lot like Roy," Kitna said. "I haven't played with anyone like that big, who runs, snatches everything.

"This guy is like the perfect mold for receivers, and he has the desire to be great. He went above what I thought he could be. He has a different way about him.

"He doesn't take any plays off. He gets mad at himself. That's a good thing."

Terry Foster has talked with some Lions vets who think very highly of Johnson. But don't forget about Alama-Francis, either.
June 11, Detroit News: Everybody is impressed with Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson . In fact, one ambitious Lion told me he is going to become the LeBron James of the NFL. Let's not put that pressure on Johnson, the Lions' first-round pick this year.

Defensive end Ikaika Alama-Francis isn't getting as much attention. But the word is, this guy is going to be fantastic. He has great hands and balance and is quick within space. He's not an instinctive pass rusher yet, but he should be very strong against the run. Coaches are thrilled because they believe, in time, his work ethic will place him ahead of linemen drafted ahead of him.