Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beesball - Final Draft Results

From the great site -

  • Results of The MLB Draft...
    • Matt Wieters: 1st Round (5th overall) - Baltimore Orioles
    • Jarrod Parker: 1st Round (9th overall) - Arizona Diamondbacks
    • Neil Ramirez: Comp A (44th overall) - Texas Rangers
    • Danny Payne: Comp A (64th overall) - San Diego Padres
    • Derek Dietrich: 3rd Round (111th overall) - Houston Astros
    • Michael Fisher: 6th Round (198th overall) - Atlanta Braves
    • Tim Ladd: 9th Round (288th overall) - Atlanta Braves
    • Wally Crancer: 12th round (369th overall) - Baltimore Orioles
    • Eddie Burns: 16th Round (498th overall) - Atlanta Braves
    • David Duncan: 23rd Round (700th overall) - Washington Nationals
    • Jared Hyatt: 33rd Round (1008th overall) - Texas Rangers
    • Luke Murton: 40th Round (1217th overall) - New York Yankees
    • Ryan Turner: 45th Round (1337th overall) - Texas Rangers

  • Matt Wieters was selected by the Baltimore Orioles with the fifth pick of the first round. See Wieters/Teixeira/Scott Boras related story on the state of the Orioles along with coverage from the Baltimore Sun, an Atlanta-based "newspaper" and

  • "D-backs get their man -- Jarrod Parker". See story.

  • "The eyes of Texas were on Neil Ramirez at draft". See story.

  • The Astros used their first pick of the draft on Derek Dietrich. See story.