Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jackets In The Draft

Well as Draft Day nears a few Jackets are showing up on team's radars. Gerris is rated as the #3 inside linebacker going into the draft. Clark Judge had this to say about him:

3. Gerris Wilkinson, Georgia Tech
The skinny: A two-time all-ACC choice, he led his team in tackles last season. Moved to middle linebacker after playing defensive end, he can play inside or out. An outstanding run defender and solid pass rusher, he's also durable -- starting all 37 games the past three years.

Also, Dawan is listed as a sleeper at the safety position.

Dewan Landry, Georgia Tech. He's someone with loads of upside. He has the perfect size; he's smart; he's a solid tackler and he can play safety or cornerback. All he needs is some coaching to correct habits that sometimes take him out of position to make a play.

I think Eric will also be a solid DE, but this draft is loaded with them already. Also, Tech fans still wait to see if and where D-Bo will go, and where he will play if he does. Only 17 days to go...