Monday, April 10, 2006

I just cannot wait......

........ to read Stephon Marbury's book on his experience at Georgia Tech. Gggggrrrreeeaaaaattttttttt.............

Stephon Marbury said he has no timetable on his return nor on the new book he's supposedly writing and new television show he's supposedly going to host.

During an informal chat with reporters, Marbury claimed he's planning a book on his basketball experiences from Georgia Tech on for the real behind-the-scenes story. Marbury also said he's in talks for his own TV show. However, he declined to specify when this might occur.

In addition, here is an article totally trashing Stephon in just about every way.

The words "excellence" and "commitment" are tattooed on Marbury's body, a constant reminder that he displays neither, certainly not this season.

Some of Marbury's teammates also were outraged by what they saw as the guard's double standard. At a team meeting last season, as rumors swirled that Wilkens was on the verge of being fired, the coach spoke to his team, telling them to concentrate on playing basketball and not worry about outside distractions.

When Wilkens was finished speaking, Marbury repeated most of the coach's message to the team, using profanity to puncuate his words and get his point across. When he was finished, the Knicks took the floor for practice with one exception: Marbury remained in the locker room for a massage.

Well, I'll put Steph's book on the same shelf with the Ian O'Connor book - the one at the bookstore.