Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hoops - Paul Hewitt Call-in Show

Some comments from Coach Hewitt's call-in show today
- He still hopes to have the students sitting around the floor like Mich.St & Duke
- The team is starting to click offensively
- Still work to improve consistency on defense
- Only have 1 game in 16 days after finals. Coach thinks the team can make a serious jump in play if they stay focused on what they need to practice.
- Coach talked to Bell and Clinch after the game about being more patient looking for their shot. He felt they tried to get jumpers too early in the shot clock.
- Coach felt Alade Aminu had plateaud in his development in the past week and was worried about playing him against Mich.St. Once Alade learns how to leverage his strength in his lower body, he'll be more ready.
- This team is just learning how to play together. They didn't really get much chance to do that last season.
- Jeremis Smith likes to eat, but his knees have been bothering him lately. They recommended a low-carb diet and he has lost about 6 pounds and his knee pain has gone away and he's more aggressive and effective. His outside shot is coming around as well.