Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bowling for Dollars

Well, after yesterday's frustrating results, here's how the bowls are most likley to shake out:

GT vs Minn to Nashville Music City Bowl
FSU vs Penn St in Orange Bowl
Miami vs Louisvlle in the Gator Bowl
VT vs LSU in the Peach Bowl
Clemson vs CU in Champs Sports Bowl
NCST vs S.Florida in Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte
UVA vs Utah in Emerald City Bowl in SanFran
BC vs Boise State in MPC Computers Bowl in Boise

If this is how it plays out, the the real injustice is that BC goes to Boise and NCST gets to stay in Charlotte. Sorry, but that is wrong. The Pack deserve their sentence to Boise like the rest of the marginal ACC bowl teams of the past. However, since the Charlotte Bowl is actually a front for a Carolina team bowl, that'll never happen. The BC people deserve to be upset if this happens.

As for the Jackets, Nashville is not terrible. Many would have preferred the Peach, but hey - look at it as a chance to get out and see a new city and prove that Jacket fans travel well. Things could get a little dicey if Champs picks BC or Clemson, but I think the odds are small that GT ends up on the west coast. Stay tuned