Thursday, September 25, 2008

WATN - Random Ramblings

Ran across this quote:

BEST HIT: Pats linebacker Gary Guyton gave Davone Bess a reason to rethink returning another kick with a shot to the sternum in the second quarter that dropped him like a papaya.


Durant Brooks had a better day last week punting, saving his job for another day. However, it wasn't a totally clean performance, as he "iced" his own kicker at one point, incurring the wrath of his head coach.

Durant Brooks, on getting screamed at by Zorn for calling for a snap too early on a field goal: I thought he was going to throw his headphones on me. He scared me. He matured me, how about that. I grew up a little bit after. He came in the locker room, of course we won, it was a big kick, but he came in, he asked if I was all right, because he gave me one. He gave me a knocking.

Zorn on the same:The reason I was so mad, was the referee was standing over the ball. The official, Mr. Official was standing over the ball. And [Brooks] asked for the ball. And, you know, I was thinking to myself, 'Why are you asking for the ball?' It was like we iced our own kicker. We iced ourselves. And then we missed the field goal. So I was pretty bent out of shape.

Landry was taken off the field in a stretcher Sunday with the Ravens. Recent reports are that he will play again and could be back soon.