Friday, September 12, 2008

The Player vs Opponent X-Factor

Why do certain players just kill certain teams? I'm sure many of you can name the situations. Happens all the time. A guy doesn't get it done against most teams, but just lights up certain opponents.

Sean Glennon is that guy the last two outings versus Georgia Tech. In 2006 he was 27-53 for 339 yards, 1 TD in a loss and in 2007 he had his famous no-jersey game where he beat us by completing 22-32 for 296 yards, and 2 TD's.

However, Glennon is fighting for his job this season, much as he did at times last year. It's an interesting scenario, because on one hand, you have more to worry about with a mobile QB like Tyrod Taylor. With a drop-back guy it seems more straightforward.

Having said that, Glennon's struggles may benefit Georgia Tech. Will he get the start? Will he be given enough of a chance to make some plays? Can he sting the Jackets for a 3rd year in a row?

Personally, my gut tells me we'll be better off against Taylor, but with our change in defensive philosophy, even Glennon won't have free reign like years past. Taylor's a threat with his feet, but not so much with his arm. Our defense practices everyday against Josh Nesbitt and my hope is that the skills are transferable.

Who would you rather see? Glennon, who's struggling coming in, but is a Jacket killer? Taylor, who is dual-threat, but still young and unproven?