Friday, September 05, 2008

Football - Negating Speed

Talk long enough about the option, and you'll hear the following - fast defenses will kill the option. This typically comes from uninformed fans. However, speed does not equal shutting down the option. Speed + discipline is a deadly weapon against option teams, however.

The reality is that in many ways, defensive speed is negated with the triple option. Check out the following comment in regards to Boston College's game prep this week:

"In practice this week, the Eagles' defenders are focusing on getting to their spots and waiting, rather than flowing with the ball. A mistake in judgment could result in a touchdown."
Speed doesn't matter as much if you're sitting and waiting, right? Get the spot fast, but then wait. I like the sound of that. While they're waiting for us, hopefully we'll be running right by them. Remember, #1 - go for numbers advantage, #2 - go for angles, #3, go for talent mismatches. Those are the keys in order that Paul Johnson uses to design the offensive game-plan.

Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski keeps referring to our offense as the wishbone. I wonder why? He absolutely, positively knows it is not the wishbone. We can probably assume that he knows Paul Johnson does not like it called the "wishbone". So why does he do it? Is he trying to make Johnson think he doesn't truly understand the system? Is he trying to get under Johnson's skin? Is he just ignorant? Discuss.