Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inside the Stats

Building off Trey's Sting Stats post, I wanted to post a great comment from RamblinRed on our proclivity to fumble. It's a great way to feel like we're actually getting better game by game.

by RamblinRed:

FWIW, if you look at it on a # carries per fumble it looks like it is getting better.

Jacksonville State

5 Fumbles, 61 offensive plays (12.2 per fumble), 46 rushing plays (9.2 per fumble)

Boston College

3 fumbles, 53 offensive plays (17.7), 40 rushing plays (13.3)


3 fumbles, 59 offensive plays (19.7), 50 rushing (16.7)

Miss St

3 fumbles, 63 offensive plays (21.0), 54 rushes (18.0)

Looks like it is getting steadily better.
- RamblinRed

So here's a nice graphical representation for the visually inclined:

(click on image for larger version)