Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Football - Stand By Your Chan

Tashard Choice had some glowing things to say of his head coach today:

Do you see a difference in Coach Gailey this year? "First of all, I think Coach Gailey is getting real cool. He's getting real hip to the team. He's letting us wear black sox now. He knows that everybody likes that and everybody really likes Coach Gailey. Coach Gailey has really opened up. He's really showing his leadership in other ways besides just calling plays. He looks over every aspect of the game. He is a student of the game and loves the game of football. I think his leadership, besides just calling plays, has been key. I think he's opened up to his players more. We know that we can go talk to him and we feel like we're a unit. We all know that he's our leader and we all back him up a 100%. I think everyone understands his role and we don't question anything he says or does."

Who lobbied for those black socks? "I actually talk to Coach Gailey a lot about uniforms and what we can wear. I talk to him all the time about different things. I think he's really just having a great time. I think he loves the game of football and he loves to win. I think he's just trying new things that the players like and he likes it also."

Here's a telling quote from Mansfield Wrotto about the impact of the Emerald Bowl on this year's team:

On losing to Utah last season in Emerald Bowl: "I think personally we came into that game thinking that it was only Utah and they had lost to Wyoming and we had beaten No. 3 Miami. We did come into that game thinking we were far better than them. It was a waking point, a harsh reality and a waking point. After the game we saw the faces of those seniors and it was the last game of some of their careers. Personally, I didn't want that to happen to me or Reggie or any of the seniors. So we came together and focused on what we need to do to better this team."