Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Fear the I"

Ok - this is downright clever by Tech students. I have to give them major props. THIS is the kind of creativity that is needed when it comes to smack:

And finally came this information from alleged loyal reader Peter Sanders (23), who reports that Georgia Tech students wore "Fear the I" T-shirts Saturday when the Yellow Jackets played The U, otherwise known as Miami. Sanders explained:

The Georgia Institute of Technology is the only Institute in Div. I-A football, while Miami is one of 114 Universities (out of 119 total teams!). In that sense, GT has 11,400 percent more reason to go with "the I" than Miami does to go with "the U." Someone might want to explain to their fan base (and helmet designers) that it's generally the M and not the U that differentiates them from the team across the field (well, unless they play the other Miami). The real satire though stems from the fact that, based on the academic and behavioral standards (or lack thereof) that Miami holds their players to these days, they might be the least appropriate team out of the 114 to call themselves a University.