Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Football: Props for Calvin Johnson

The fans over at the FSU board started debating who was the best receiver in the ACC. They all agree hands down it's Calvin Johnson. Here are some of the comments:

From UGAFan:
I'm still sick that he didn't go to UGA. The kid is a stud. He won't be there all 4 years. He may go pro after this year.

Sorry, not possible. We get him at least 2 more seasons.

calvin johnson is hands down the best, but what about the 2nd best?

I think like someone already said, the more logical argument is who is second best? Johnson will probably be the best in the country. I think in the ACC, Lance Leggett will be #2.

Calvin Johnson is a freak, and is #1

Agree w/ the rest of the thread - Calvin Johnson from Ga-Tech is a FRIGGIN' STUD. If that guy isn't the next Terrell Owens (minus the antics and attitude), I don't know who is - he flat out whips DBs.

Assuming we both don't make it to the ACCCG, I'm glad we won't have to worry about him (at least we'd have AC if we did though - if there is a corner blessed w/ the athleticism AND size to match him, it's AC). Johnson is a guy that, on any given night, can single-handedly beat a team (see: Clemson, last year, if I'm not mistaken) - he makes play after play and makes the team better because of it, and he makes a QB look and feel like Joe Montana.

Wasnt Leggett the one who dropped a wide open pass, all alone, near the endzone, Leggett physically is one of the best and will be very good.
But Calvin Johnson ownes the acc.

Here's another discussion thread on CJ, when talking about who will win ACC player of the year:

No bias with the Calvin Johnson or Mario Willaims pick. If they both could enter the NFL Draft after next season I would bet they would be the 2nd and 3rd picks (after Leinart). Mario Williams is as gifted athletically as Julius Peppers, Calvin Johnson is a Randy Moss clone but with a good head on his shoulders.

I'm not so sure Johnson fell off at the end of 2004. He destroyed Syracue in the Champs Sports Bowl and though he didn't have huge numbers against UGA...he drew about a half-dozen pass inteference calls on the 'Dog secondary because they could not cover him.

Now, here's the mainstream media fawing over him as one of the "next big things" at wide receiver:

6. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech (Soph.) – After just one season of college football, Johnson is already on the expressway to the early rounds of the NFL Draft. Even playing with one of the more inconsistent passers in the game couldn’t sidetrack a brilliant opening act for the true freshman. He’s a wiry 6-4 with great leaping ability and a growing reputation for making highlight reel catches. And as he naturally adds more muscle, Johnson will become even more of a nightmare to cover one-on-one. If he makes even modest strides over the next two years, he’ll likely get slapped with a first-round grade following his junior season.
2004 Numbers – 48 catches for 837 yards and 7 TDs
Shades of…Charles Rogers