Thursday, June 09, 2005

Austin Jackson is Slipping Away

Well, if there was one team we DIDN'T want to draft Jackson, it was the Yankees. But it happened, and now word is that George Steinbrenner is throwing on the table 1st / 2nd round bonus money for Jackson to give up any dreams of a hoops career and join the Yankee farm system. The deal - in the $1,000,000 range. According to sources, the Yankees did not offer Jackson the option of 2-sports. They've already been burned more than once playing that game. Jackson has to chose, and it looks less and less like Jacket fans will like the choice.

In the end, if he goes beesball, don't get mad at the kid. Get frustrated at the system. Realize that drafting Jackson was a risk from day 1, and Paul Hewitt was playing the odds. Not a bad bet, but a bet none-the-less. Realize that your anger or frustration with Austin Jackson is purely selfish motivation, not out of genuine interest for that kid......... So Coach played the odds. Just like Roy Williams is playing the odds with all these top recruits he's landing. How many will actually play for the Tarheels vs straight to the NBA? That remains to be seen.


I love the last paragraph:

With starting point guard Jarrett Jack's status in limbo, Jackson might have had a chance to start for the Yellow Jackets this season. Jack put his name in for the NBA Draft, but has not signed with an agent and is undecided on his future plans. If Jack doesn't return to school for his senior season, expect sophomore Zam Frederick to get a shot at the starting spot.

UUUuuuugggghhh, "expect Zam Fredrick to get a shot at a starting spot"?????? Who is he going to compete against??? Mario West and Lewis Clinch??? It is going to be a rough season if Fredrick is our only legit PG. Anyone remember BJ Elder running the point prior to Bynum's arrival???? Not a great site. All you can say is that we will have a lot of potential this coming season, but VERY inexperience and lacking depth at possibly the most critical position on the court - PG. Guess that's life.........