Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where are they now - Bill Curry

For the "completely out of left field" moment of the week, how about this - Bill Curry was named as the inaugural head coach of the newly formed football program at Georgia State. Ga St will be playing "I-AA" starting in 2010, and Curry will go down in the history books as their first head coach. We knew Curry had the bug to get back into the collegiate game after his run for the Georgia Tech Athletic Director job. Even the most die-hard Curry supporters have a hard time finding fault in how Dan Radakovich has hit the ground running, but it did leave us wondering in what form Curry would emerge. I didn't see him staying with the ESPN gig, even though he did a nice job with it. I could have seen him making some cheddar on the speaking circuit. He's definitely an engaging and entertaining speaker.

............... but head coach at Georgia State? Does it make sense for GaSt? Does it make sense for Curry? My general feeling is that it's probably good thing both Curry and the school. Looking through our old gold lense, is it a good thing for Georgia Tech? Some downside and little upside. Let's look at some factors:

If Georgia State was going to make an impact hire, this is probably close to a home-run. A highly respected, high character guy known in all circles of the game. A guy well known in the state - heck, in the state sports hall-of-fame. Getting Curry should work to energize the fanbase in just the right way.

There's no doubt in my mind Curry can raise funds and sway donors. He's strong but approachable, wise and influential. We don't know about the product he'll be selling, but he's an outstanding front-man.

Now, there could be an interesting side-effect with Georgia Tech. Dan Radakovich is on a mission to draw a new non-alumni fan-base in the ATL area. Now comes another competing product. There's no way around that. People will have another choice to make. Having said that, it would be pretty sad if a brand new program had a big negative impact on a program that has as much tradition and history as Georgia Tech. But hey, if we were drawing enough ATL-area non-alumni fans, then D-Rad wouldn't be on a mission, now, would he?


Can Bill Curry get into the recruiting game again? Sure, why not? He can probably live on ATL-area kids that are looked over by the big schools. Heck, the ATL has become such a hotbed for recruiting that schools like Clemson, 'Bama, FSU and others are starting to schedule "neutral site" games in the Georgia dome just to poach in-state kids. I doubt recruiting will be too much of an issue.

The X's and O's. If we take an honest look at Bill Curry's coaching resume, it really isn't all that great. He was ok at Georgia Tech (31-43-4), better at Alabama (26-10) with the exception of 3 sinful losses to Auburn (side bar story from a former 'Bama beat writer) and he was pretty bad at Kentucky (23-51). Can Curry build a winning program where no program exists? Remains to be seen. They'll be competing in the Colonial Athletic Association (and playing in the Georgia Dome).

I don't really think they really hired Curry for his coaching ability. His choices when building a coaching staff will probably be more important in his ability to win. That will probably happen in the coming weeks.

At the end of the day, it's a good hire for Georgia State. It's probably a decent way for Curry to get back into the collegiate game while also forging an untraveled road. Bill Curry is now the first guy to ever run this program. There's a strong legacy thing going on there.

Bill Curry is incredibly well-like and respected by his teammates, players he coached, and just about anyone who meets him. Personally, I wish nothing but the best for Mr.Curry. We all should. A great man forging a new chapter in his life back in the town his collegiate career began. Great stuff.

So does this mean we'll be seeing a Panthers / Jackets match-up on the field? With the way football scheduling works, it's not bound to happen for years, barring some scheduling quirck (Army, ya hear me?). However, I have no doubt that those conversations will occur if they haven't already. Of course they'll want to schedule GT. Of course they'll want to schedule UGAg. So stay tuned..............