Friday, January 05, 2007

Gailey to Interview for Dolphins?????

Fox Sports Net's tv show "Pro Football Edition" reported that Chan Gailey (and Jim Mora for that matter) will interview for the Miami Dolphins head coaching slot as early as today. The show was taped Thursday. While I find it highly unlikely that Coach Gailey will go back to the NFL (for a myriad of reasons), don't forget that he has a relationship with owner Wayne Huizenga.

I'm sure we'll get some level of clarification on this soon, because I don't see Coach Gailey as a "liar liar pants on fire guy" like Nick Saban. If Gailey is in fact going to interview for the job, then I'm sure he'll just be fuzzy about it - but not outright lie.

Certainly this would impact a lot of things, including the recruiting class we might sign. Of course I put the odds of it happening at about 2%.

Stay tuned....................