Friday, January 19, 2007

Who is Josh Nesbitt ???

This is a disturbing story about some unruly behavior from QB recruit Josh Nesbitt on the basketball court (he's a multiple sport guy). I tell you, if half of what the writer wrote is true, then you have to wonder what Josh Nesbitt is all about. While Chan Gailey has focused on "high character" kids, this was certainly not a "high character" story. The writer does preface the story by talking about Nesbitt's reputation as a guy who says and does the right things. Also, who knows the story behind the story, but you sure hate to read stuff like this.

But during this basketball game Nesbitt seemed to come unravelled, tarnishing what had been a spotless image. He lost his composure and shoved an opponent after the two battled for a loose ball. He was rightfully awarded a technical foul for his infraction but was not pulled aside by referees or his coach. He was instead applauded for his error by teammates and fans.

He did not sit down after picking up his third foul instead continuing to play his physical brand of basketball plowing over, under and through opponents to get to the basket. His actions led to the Greene County JV team being escorted out of the arena early and the arrival of additional security.

Later in the game he drew a foul on a close call that could have been a charge that would disqualified him from the game. When the two players got up off the floor he shoved his opponent again, this time getting a wry smile and a pat on the backside from one referee.

Nesbitt missed the two foul shots, then had his shot blocked with less than two seconds left. He still managed to play the hero and win the game.

After the shot he pounded his chest and pointed into the crowd at opposing fans shouting something inaudible over the roar of the crowd. Some of which spilled over onto the court. In the chaos after the game one Greene County player tore off his jersey and threw it to the ceiling. Following the game Nesbitt walked away from the player he twice shoved after the whistle when offered a congratulatory handshake.