Friday, January 19, 2007

Football - Patrick Nix - Fallout #1

Patrick Nix is evidently going to be named the new Offensive Coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes under new head coach Randy Shannon. Shannon has been interviewing LOTS of candidates and needed someone who could develop QB's (please don't start the Reggie Ball bash-fest), and it was starting to hurt UM's recruiting efforts.

So, what do we make of this change? I think there are some conclusions to draw:

1. Chan Gailey told Patrick Nix that he would not be coming with him to Miami if he left.
2. Patrick Nix put himself into self-preservation mode. He took the Miami job BEFORE he knew what was happening with Chan.
3. Nix signed on with a brand new head coach that is going to get a decent time-frame to accomplish some things at Miami, and therefore should provide Nix at least 2-4 years of stability as well.
4. We all know Nix has aspirations to be a head coach. He's now put himself into position to be successful at a school that should have MANY advantages compared to Tech. He's going to a school that has been VERY down and can realistically go nowhere but up.

I have mixed feelings about Nix leaving. I know for sure that Patrick Nix is a VERY promising young football coach. This guy has some real potential. We saw a better Tech offense than any other Chan Gailey version this season. Veterans - yes, but we also saw a more innovative approach to play-calling. Things bogged down once Reggie Ball got injured and he lost Reggie's running ability, but you could see what he was trying to do. From that respect, you hate to lose a guy like that.

However, we are also talking about an Auburn guy who bleeds Tiger colors. The reality is that Georgia Tech was most likely going to be a learning ground for Nix before he moved on anyhow. So he had a safe, solid learning environment under Chan Gailey, and now he has a chance to go from "learning ground" to "launching pad". Now he has a chance to make a name for himself at Miami and call the shots. With success, people are going to likely come knocking at his door in 4-10 years as a head coach. I don't mind the opportunity to bring in a more proven "seasoned" guy to run the offense.

Here's the bottom-line. We just lost a good football coach. We dodged a bullet with Giff Smith and GaSouthern. We have so far dodged a barrage of bullets with Jon Tenuta and Michigan State, Cincy, Texas, etc, etc, etc. We didn't dodge this one. Certainly many Tech fans were not overly enamored with Nix, but some of that was the "Gailey effect", and some was just the fact that he's young and still learning.

Georgia Tech fans - think long and hard about the fact that OUR offensive coordinator just left to be the OC of the Miami Hurricanes. Think about the fact that the most highly respected NFL franchises are interested in our head coach. I think there's a lesson here somewhere that has to do with grass and a fence.

Well, consider this "fall-out #1" from the Chan Gailey / NFL saga. The recruiting is holding steady, the other coaches are holding steady, but the last chapter has not been written yet.................

On a different note - those who think that the Dolphins search has dragged on too long - consider this - when they hired Nick Saban, there basically was NO search involved. Wayne H. did not talk to or learn about any other prospective candidates. He basically talked Saban into being "the guy". So your the owner of the Dolphins, you see what "your guy" did........... what would you do? Personally, I'd keep that dang jet fueled up as I did a REAL search and talked to a BUNCH of guys about the job. That's exactly what has happened this time. Doesn't make life easy for Tech fans, but they're doing exactly what they should in light of the Saban nightmare............... By the way, Cam Cameron was interviewed for a whopping 10.5 hours yesterday. I'm sure it got down to "boxers or briefs" with that much time...................