Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hoops - Jackets Scalp Seminoles

Well, another day, another home ACC victory. While tonight's game didn't start out with a bang, it ended in nice fashion as the Jackets put away FSU to win 88-80. Didn't see the game and only listened to the 2nd half so take my comments with a slight grain of salt

While the stats won't show it - Hewitt's comments supported that the defensive effort was good tonight. He said that FSU just hit some tough shots that were contested. A good sign. FSU did shoot 51%.

Interesting night. We are one of the best rebounding teams in the ACC and FSU is one of the worst. The Jackets pulled down 46% of the offensive rebounding opportunities they had tonight, while FSU grabbed 42% of their opportunities. Even though FSU had 2 more overall rebounds, we had fewer offensive rebounding opportunities.

Folks, offense ain't a problem. For the 3rd straight game the Jackets shoot over 50% from the field. Javaris led the way 23 pts, 5 assists and only 1 to. Mario West goes for 18, his career high, including 9-13 from the stripe.

Jackets now 2-2 in the ACC with UNC coming up - a team that fell today to VaTech.