Monday, January 15, 2007

Football - Comment on Gailey / Pitt

Evidently an "insider" at the Miami Dolphins site has reported that the Dolphins job is down to 2 guys - Gailey and Schottenheimer - and multiple reports indicated a decision could come by Friday. I think we know he's a finalist. If true, this just means that Jim Mora has been eliminated as a candidate - Mora has been interviewed twice already by the Dolphins.................... However, I believe Cam Cameron out in San Diego will be added back into the mix since the Chargers lost Sunday...

As for Gailey and Pittsburgh - just a media comment in this story - not a quote - so take it for what it's worth - not much:

Cowher last week recommended that the Steelers hire Mr. Gailey, and because of that Mr. Gailey was a late addition to the team's list of candidates and was interviewed on Saturday in Pittsburgh. However, he is not considered a viable candidate for the job.

In addition, evidently the Pitt blogger world isn't interested in Chan........................... On a separate note, Bill Curry had this to say about Ken Whisenhunt:

"Ken Whisenhunt is the kind of guy, even as a young kid when he was 18, he always had that look about him that he would accomplish anything he wanted to do," said ESPN commentator Bill Curry, who coached Mr. Whisenhunt at Georgia Tech. "Not only did he think that, he had the work ethic to follow through and do that. Whatever he set his sights on, you got the sense this guy is going to do it."