Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coaching Search Update

No REAL news today. The Dolphins jet is on its way back to the ATL. There were radio reports that Jim Mora had been offered the job and did not accept it on the spot. The Dolphins then came out and said that was false - that they had not offered the job to anyone. Cold Pizza is reporting that Mora will be offered the job today. So it remains to be seen whether Mora is a beggar or a chooser.

Meanwhile, Chan Gailey is getting some nice endorsements:

Don Shula:

"I don't know anything about Jim Mora," Shula said from Houston where he's coaching the East squad in the East-West Shrine (college) All-Star game. "Chan is a fine football coach. The only thing you could go by is his record. You base your decision on that and everybody knows him in the Dolphins organization. I'm sure they're covering all their bases so they'll make the best decision."
Dan Reeves:
"I coached Chan in Little League in Americus, Ga.," said former NFL coach Dan Reeves, who's coaching the West squad at the East-West Shrine All-Star game. "I hired him to his first pro coaching job in Denver. He's been a great coach wherever he's been and would be a good fit for the Dolphins."
Dan Marino:
"You want to get points because the team has a good defense ... the last 3-4 years," Marino told 790 The Ticket on Monday. "If you're Wayne or Bryan Wiedmeier you would think about getting an offensive-minded guy.

"[Gailey] did a good job with limited talent [here] ... and has been a head coach before and I think he's going to be highly considered."
Both Shula and Marino were asked by Dolphins management for their opinions and you would think they carry some measure of weight.

However, I was able to get "obtain" this photo from Taz Anderson's basement. Evidently, someone did not want Marino to provide said endorsement.

Stay tuned folks. Things are coming to a head soon........................

On a separate note, did I go a little overboard on my last post about Tech not deserving Chan Gailey? It's possible. It was an emotion I was feeling at the time, as I read Tech's fans already crowing a new head coach. Folks, if Chan leaves, it will be a dark day in Tech history. Anytime your head coach leaves, there are few "good" scenarios........... retirement - good......... leave for the NFL? Not good, because it means he's been having some measure of success and is looked at as a good football coach............. fired - not good either, because it means you've been suffering through some bad season.................. Anyway you look at, Chan leaving will be a dark day for the Tech family. Anyone overjoyed needs to get some perspective. Would we be ok? Sure we will. We're Georgia Tech. We'll bounce back............. but good football coaches are not falling from trees.