Saturday, January 13, 2007

Video After Chan's Steeler interview

Well, check out video of Chan after his interview with the Steelers. Hard to read his real thoughts based on body language. My initial impression was that the guy looks slightly depressed the first few questions. He perks up a little as it goes on. Just hard to tell what's happening.

Key comment to me:

Chan, you've had success at both levels. Is this something you check out because they ask and say - why not - or is there something different about pro ball and college ball. How do you look at the two.

There's something different about the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's what there's something different about. It's not every NFL team that I would be interested in.

In another interesting development, The Dolphins just reached an agreement with Dom Capers to make him the highest paid assistant in the league. Interesting because they don't have a head coach. Either they're going to cram Capers down the new hc's throat, or they already know who the next hc will be and have discussed Capers already.

Also interesting - ESPN thinks you will not be a successful coach if you're over 55.