Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hoops - Jackets Still Can't Buy a W on the Road

No time to go into depth, but wanted to post something for people to make comments on the Clemson game. My quick hits:

- team played hard mostly the whole game
- fought an scrapped well
- chose the absolute worst time to forget fundamentals
- ironic that Mays made the game winning lay-up with 2 seconds because in the timeout Coach Hewitt told the team to not let Mays make the game winning layup with 2 seconds. Is that the ole reverse psychology working? Like if I tell you - don't think about pink elephants for the next 10 seconds. Get what I'm saying?
- this team is going to win some road games
- I have a feeling that this is going to be one of Coach Hewitt's famous 2nd half teams. (2nd half of the season that is). Watch them catch their groove once the 2nd half of the ACC schedule hits.
- The upcoming Duke game is NOT the season, as some might believe. Losing to Duke won't put us out of anything, but it sure makes the road more difficult.
- What Peacock did was punkish and wrong, but I'll think you'll find that the guy hounding him was not a choirboy during the game.
- We missed Lewis Clinch............... period.................. end of sentence His loss hurts. I sure hope he's doing ok and making sure he's academically and athletically ready for next season.

Your thoughts?