Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nothing Like Good PR

Nothing like having the President of the United States mention your alma mater, Georgia Tech, today in his eulogy for President Gerald Ford (here's the video):

Long before he was known in Washington, Gerald Ford showed his character and his leadership. As a star football player for the University of Michigan, he came face to face with racial prejudice when Georgia Tech came to Ann Arbor for a football game. One of Michigan's best players was an African American student named Willis Ward. Georgia Tech said they would not take the field if a black man were allowed to play. Gerald Ford was furious at Georgia Tech for making the demand, and for the University of Michigan for caving in. He agreed to play only after Willis Ward personally asked him to. The stand Gerald Ford took that day was never forgotten by his friend. And Gerald Ford never forgot that day either -- and three decades later, he proudly supported the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act in the United States Congress.
- President George Bush, Jan 2, 2007

Well, you know what they say - the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity at all..............