Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coaching Developments

1. First, looks like Marty Schottenheimer will NOT lose his job in San Diego. That puts Chan Gailey back in the prime, or close to prime position for the job.

2. However, there are now reports that the Dolphins are interviewing Cam Cameron today and Thursday as the latest candidate.

3. Rumors out there that Patrick Nix is interviewing for the offensive coordinator job at U of Miami under new head coach Randy Shannon. It was reported on 680am as a rumor today. If true, there is only one logical conclusion - Chan Gailey has told Nix that if he goes to the Miami Dolphins, Nix ain't coming with him. Since he's inexperienced as an OC, there's a good chance the "new guy" at GT wouldn't want him either. A lot of CYA going on right now, and it makes you wonder what the mood is going to be like at the GTAA if Gailey stays. Make no mistake that this could play into Giff Smith's staying or going to GSU as the new head coach as well (although he may leave for that opp either way).

4. Recruit Morgan Burnett is not a 100% lock to maintain his verbal per the AJC. He has not de-committed and is still likely to sign with the Jackets, but he's "discussing it with his family" and monitering the situation. They reported that Burnett talked to Gailey yesterday about the NFL situation and that Gailey told him there should be some resolution around "thursday-ish".

5. Chan Gailey is pounding the pavement right now visiting recruits. He was at Nick Claytor's house last night and visiting with Albert Rocker per today. So don't assume he's focused on landing an NFL job. He's seems to be doing everything he can to keep this recruiting class informed and updated on his status. There have been no other reports of recruits waffling on their decision to sign with GT.