Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's Buzzin

The NCAA has started sniffing around the Thaddeus Young recruitment............... Luke may end up back with his home country 36ers. They have inquired about his availability................ Here's what Theodis Tarver says about Lewis Clinch - "He's going to turn out to be a big-time scorer," Yellow Jackets forward Theodis Tarver said. "Lewis is one of those guys with a lot of shooting range. A whole lot. He's got a quick shooting release, and just about every one of his shots look pretty much the same. He's got a really smooth touch on it."... Here's what Buck Fredrick says about him - "Other teams will find him a tough guy to contain. He's got good size and strength, but he's still very, very quick with the ball and without it, too."

The GT coaching staff made a trip to Minnesota - to catch Jarrett Jack's opening night game. Nice. Very nice..........

Mark Teixeira wins a gold glove. That should go well with his silver slugger award. Maybe he can have both trophies bronzed. Ha..................

Recruit Ben Anderson was selected to play in the South Carolina annual North/South all-star game in Myrtle Beach in early December. Right now he's one of the top gets in the current class. It's still early................. Look at this quote from Clemson player Dustin Fry and tell me you don't feel a tinge of guilt for saying bad things about any football program.

"I can definitely understand the fans' frustration. I'm sorry to the fans, really,” Fry said. "They're such good fans. They always come to our games. (At) Georgia Tech, they were full in the upper deck and side.

"A&M last year, Wake Forest two years ago, Duke last year æ.æ.æ. they support us so good and then it just seems like we don't give them what they want."