Monday, November 14, 2005

Hoops - Goodbye Norma Jean

Hey Buck Fredrick...............In the immortal words on Marilyn Monroe - "They hate you........ They really, really hate you".................. Check this out..... you were ranked LAST by Jeff Goodman of as the worst Point Gaurd in the ACC:

12. Zam Frederick, 6-0, 201, Soph., Georgia Tech
With Jarrett Jack
leaving a year early and incoming freshman Austin Jackson signing with the New
York Yankees and going the pro baseball route, Frederick is realistically Paul
Hewitt's lone option at the point. Going from Jack to Frederick is kind of like
going from Lou Gehrig to Wally Pipp. "He's not really a point guard. He's a
scorer. He'll be overmatched in this league."

Wow, looks like a challenge to me. That even looks like a bit of an attack. "Wally Pipp" is what he called you. Ouch. I'm sure you'll have you answer on the court.