Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Football - Jackets get a new committment

The recruiting trail to another good turn for the Jackets, as they landed a 6'1" 220lb fullback out of Chesapeake VA. ESPN ranked him the #15 fullback in the nation, and here's what they had to say about him:

Evaluation: Bray is a tough, aggressive, overachieving type. Plays extremely hard and you really like his motor. He is a throwback player. He excels as a linebacker in high school, but lacks the speed and athleticism to play linebacker in college. Is at his best as an isolation blocker and short yardage ball carrier. Is capable of dragging would be tacklers and is always fighting for extra yardage. Can be a load on traps and has nimble feet through the hole. Takes very good angles and has excellent technique. Plays with good leverage and hand-placement. Shows adequate initial pop and will work to finish. Knows his assignments. Is efficient, consistent and reliable. Has excellent overall awareness in pass pro. Also, has good hands as an underneath receiver. Good work ethic. He lacks ideal athletic ability and he has marginal speed. He is not very versatile, but is steady and you know you will get great effort out of him.

Now, interestingly, neither Scout nor Rivals really had any details about him at all - no rankings ,etc. They now have stories up on him worth reading. Basically, he's a strong Christian athlete, good grades, and you can read about his game above. He was definitely recruited as a fullback for Georgia Tech.

Welcome aboard Trevor!!!

On a side note - the ESPN review is done through contract with a company Scouts, Inc - not to be confused with Scout.com. And guess who Scouts, inc's lead talent evaluator happens to be? How about Tommy Luginbill - their national director of recruiting.