Saturday, November 19, 2005

Football - Words are Dangerous

We all know that what Dave Braine said is very dangerous about Tech winning 9-10 games per year. Whether it is true or not is irrelavent. Check out what Ole Miss coach David Cutcliffe had to say about that:

On the radio: Former Ole Miss football coach David Cutcliffe was asked on
790 The Zone about Georgia Tech athletics director Dave Braine's statement that
Tech "will never" win nine or 10 games consistently. "Well, I tell you, if I had
a prospect that I was recruiting against them for, I would probably take that
[statement] and make sure he heard it," Cutcliffe said. "That's a dangerous

Wow. How true, how true. Every assistant coach in the southeast is going to use that one against us.............. Braine may have hitched his wagon to Chan Gailey, but he sure made sure Gailey had a bum hoof..........