Monday, November 14, 2005

Hoops - Recruiting War of Words??

On the Thaddeus Young mud-slinging, Coach Hewitt first said this after signing day was over:

"It's awfully irresponsible journalism to print a story like that," Hewitt said. "You have a 3.5 [GPA] student, a model citizen, a star basketball player who has never done anything wrong. His mom and dad are very supportive of him. I find it hard to believe that a story like that has any legs."

Hewitt said pressure on sources to provide proof of those rumors has essentially forced the issue to be buried. Now, Young, who averaged 23.6 points, 12.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game, can enjoy his senior season.

"A lot of the talk has died down now that people have been called on the carpet," Hewitt said. ". . . I know there have been some people who have stepped up very aggressively and said, 'Hey, if you've got proof, let's put it out there or there's going to be some action taken.' Now, all of a sudden, that source has backed off."

Now Coach Hewitt has said some more direct things about Keith Easterwood (remember he's the radio guy in Memphis who USED to coach Young until he left his team to join a new AAU team run by his father Felton Young:

"The guy's disgruntled because he lost out on a great player," Hewitt said, "so he's gonna smear the kid and his father as much as he could."

Well, Easterwood fired back:

Said Easterwood in response to Hewitt's comments, "That's a war I can't win. If Paul Hewitt wants to act like Felton Young is squeaky clean, then shame on Paul Hewitt ... Why he would throw mud at me, I don't know."