Saturday, September 04, 2004

More on NCAA Violations

Macon Telegraph story........... Updated AJC story.......

- GT has recommended the following sanctions:

Forfeit four football scholarships per year for the next two years.

Forfeit 3.9 men's track scholarships for the next two years. (Track scholarships, unlike football and basketball scholarships, can be split among multiple athletes.)

Forfeit 3.5 women's track scholarships for the next two years.

Pay a $5,000 fine.

Issue letters of reprimand to the staff involved.

- Only one football player involved is still on the team
- This has nothing to do with the suspension of T.Parker and D.Bilbo
- This mistake occurred during the Carol Moore era (flunkgate ring a bell)
- Braine claims that 94 schools have had infractions due to misinterpratations of the same rule - 6 of those were deemed major.
- Based on the AJC article, it seems that the blame falls squarely on the academic support staff, which totally goofed in quite a variety of ways
- Thank goodness our academic support staff has been completely overhauled since that time.

Here's the actual bylaw we violated: Hours Earned or Accepted for Degree Credit.
The provision that the calculation of credit hours under the progress toward degree regulation shall be based on hours earned or accepted for degree credit at the certifying institution in a student-athlete’s specific baccalaureate
degree program (see Bylaw shall be met as follows:
(a) During the first two years of enrollment, a student-athlete who has not yet designated a specific baccalaureate degree program may use credits acceptable toward any of the institution’s degree programs;
(b) By the beginning of the third year of enrollment (fifth semester or seventh quarter), a studentathlete shall be required to have designated a program of studies leading toward a specific baccalaureate degree. From that point, the credits used to meet the progress toward degree requirements must be degree credit toward the student’s designated degree program;
(c) A student-athlete who changes his or her designated degree program may comply with the progress toward degree requirements if:
(1) The change in programs is documented appropriately by the institution’s academic
(2) The credits earned prior to the change are acceptable toward the degree previously sought; and
(3) The credits earned from the time of the change are acceptable toward the new desired degree.
(d) A student-athlete who has designated a specific degree program with an identified major may not use a course to fulfill the credit-hour requirement for meeting progress toward degree even if the course fulfills an elective component of the student-athlete’s degree program, if the student ultimately must repeat the course to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major.
(Adopted: 1/14/97)