Thursday, July 20, 2006

Football Recruiting - Jackets land 4-star DE

Ok, this is another big get. Jacoby Monroe is a 4-star DE, a member of the Rivals National top 100, and he has verbally committed to the Jackets. In the most respectful way he is one of those freaks-of-nature. He's 6'2" 280lb, squats 850 lb, runs a 4.6-40 (well one site says that and another says 5.09) and is described by his coach as unstoppable. At one of the major combines, said he would have easily been the best D-Lineman there had it not been for D'Angelo McCray, who blew everyone away. This is the first kid from Sandalwood High in FL that has committed to the Jackets, even though we were close with Maurice Wells, Marvin Sapp and Jamar Hornsby. Remember that the football coach there is Adam Geiss, the son of GT assistant Buddy Geiss. Adam says that Monroe is the best player to play at Sandalwood, per Rivals. He has something like 50+ scholarship offers, including all the Florida schools. Evidently Urban Meyer offered him after seeing him play one game.

Monroe has some interesting back-story. He actually did not play football as a junior. Why? Well, a little incident with a BB gun that resulted in getting dismissed from the team. This article touches on it and he says he wants to put it behind him and that's he's not a bad kid, just made a mistake. For clarification, he brought a BB Gun on school grounds, because after school he would go shoot cans at a lake behind his house. His mom knew about it and he knew he wasn't supposed to and he paid a price. All indications are that he's a good kid who's actually quite humble. His high school coach was quoted as saying he probably would have been the #1 player in the nation had he played his junior season. High praise indeed and a bit biased, but it's certainly impressive to end up in the Rivals top 100 (rated #55 in the nation) without even playing last year.

Now, Monroe grew up as an FSU fan, but claims that he's done with visits, although he will take calls. Remember, a verbal commit only sticks with ink to paper. I hate to say it, but it's going to take some work to make this one stick, but it sounds great.

Monroe Choses Jackets (free) - Tech lands a big one- Monroe is a Jacket

AMP video

I want you to focus on one quote from the free story:

"I know if I graduate and don't go to the NFL, I'll be able to get a really good job," Monroe said. "I've always liked Florida State, and I always will, but this was a life decision, not just about football. That was a big part of it."

I love that. What Jacket fan wouldn't? But let's go deeper. Read this story if you have service. This is a story written by a U of Florida website basically slamming FSU recruiting with facts. They basically rip apart any claim that FSU can make about sending players to the NFL. It cannot be denied that FSU sends a lot of players to the league, but it can be argued that the REASON they got there was going to FSU. Face it, if you're a top kid, your chances of going league are no worse at GT than FSU. The real question is - if you are a borderline guy, which school is going to "coach you up"? The Florida website shows facts that basically prove that FSU does not help their kids - it's basically their freak-of-nature athleticism that gets them there.

Of course this is a rival site, but they make a great point. Let's visit PJ Daniels. Would FSU have EVER had a WALK-ON 7th string Running Back get drafted and sign an NFL contract? Hard to imagine, but Georgia Tech did. GT had a a walk-on, 7th string back lead the ACC in rushing and now he's impressing the staff of the Baltimore Ravens after signing a 3-year contract.

So recruits, take note. Pay close attention to who is REALLY getting "coached up". If you're a top kid with freakish skills, you can go league just about anywhere. Why not chose a school that will give you a top education in the process? If you are borderline kid, you definitely want a school / coaching staff that can take you to the next level. Chan Gailey has proven to be that guy. How else do you explain recruiting classes consistently near the bottom of the ACC, yet the team has gone to 9 straight bowl games? Even a modest amount of talent improvement in the recruiting area should result in tremendous results on the field.

Looks like we're going to get a chance to see! Another 4-star. GO JACKETS!!!!! Welcome aboard Jacoby!!!!