Thursday, October 02, 2008

Liam Klein Interview

Check out the interesting interview with Georgia Tech's Director of Player Personnel, GT Football.

  • Interesting rundown of his daily schedule - he arrives at 6:30am and starts scouring all the media reports and recruiting websites
  • In addition to working with recruits, he also spends about 20% of his time working with former GT players.
  • There are over 70 recruits & guests visiting for the Duke game this weekend
  • Says the difference between IA and IAA recruiting is "like night and day", and that difference is money spent to attract talent. No surprise there.
  • There aren't that many schools that have his job. It's a relatively new position.
  • Has enjoyed plenty of bowl swag, including PSP's, DVD players, thousands of dollars in gift cards........ says it's the biggest perk of his job
  • Says BDS is like the Yankee Stadium of college football - history, tradition

Good article and worth the read.