Friday, October 24, 2008

Biggest Game of the Season

Are you going to be there Saturday? If not, hop in your car, head to BDS, but a ticket and enjoy the festivities. Should be a fun day and a critical one for the football team.

Make no mistake - the Saturday match-up against Virginia is without a doubt the most important game of this season. There are key ACC Coastal games that determine who's going to end up in the ACC championship game, and they all start with the teams on your side of the bracket. The VaTech game was clearly the previous biggest game, even though we lost. However, the fact that we have been victorious in every other game is the driving force. Virginia and Virginia Tech control their own destiny. Georgia Tech does not. It's that simple. Either of those guys can win out and end up in the ACC Championship. We need to win out AND need VaTech to lose.

So Saturday's game is a step closer. Beat the Cavs and we can almost knock them out of the running and put that much more pressure on VaTech. With an FSU match-up looming Saturday for the Hokies, a loss is a distinct possibility. A win and the Jackets are bowl-eligible. There were certainly a lot of folks who thought our bowl streak would be up in the air this season. So there's a lot on the line Saturday.

Will the Jackets man-up and get the job done? Can the Jackets avoid the letdown loss that has plagued them in recent years? Can we continue the home mojo we have enjoyed in the UVA series? Is UVA for real?

Clearly the betting community sees most of the angles in the Jackets favor. Home advantage. Revenge advantage. Coming off a win. Offense GT advantage over the UVA D-Line. Jacket DLine advantage over UVA OLine. I think the spread has creeped up from the 11 pt range to closer to 14 points.

On paper and in Vegas things look good, but football's a funny game. Things happen. That's why the play the games, as the saying goes.

I'll be there with family in tow, in section 218. I'm expecting to see the offense rack up a lot of yards. UVA's defense has been prone to give up field in the running game. Could be a big day for Jon Dwyer. Could be a big day for Roddy Jones. UVA plays a 3-4 defense, which means 3 down linemen and 4 linebackers. That's their base defense. For a pretty detailed primer on the 3-4, check this out.


Embry Peeples, Fr., A-Back (ankle)
A.J. Smith, Sr., OL

Martin Frierson, Jr., DB (knee)

Tyler Melton, Fr., WR/KR (knee)
Quincy Kelly, So., B-Back (medical condition)
Jahi Word-Daniels, Sr., CB (hamstring)

Aaron Clark (knee)
Max Milien (foot)
Zane Parr (knee)
Keith Payne (hand)
Joe Torchia (shoulder)

Antonio Appleby (ankle)
Nick Jenkins (ankle)
Yannick Reyering (knee)

Maurice Covington (leg)
Andrew Devlin (shoulder)
Alex Field (back)
Steve Greer (knee)
Raynard Horne (hand)
Curt Orshoski (hand)
Austin Pasztor (ankle)
Zak Stair (knee)

Make sure to hang around for this:

HoopsFest Set for Saturday

Oct. 23, 2008

ATLANTA - Georgia Tech's men's and women's basketball teams will host their Hoopsfest celebration this Saturday evening at Alexander Memorial Coliseum following the Yellow Jackets' football game with Virginia, which kicks off at 3:30 p.m. There is no admission charge for this event.

This will be the first chance for Tech fans to watch the men's team, which will stage an intrasquad scrimmage at approximately 7 p.m., and meet the women's team. The men will play a full-game intrasquad scrimmage, and the women's team will be introduced at halftime.

Earlier in the day, both teams will conduct an autograph session on top of Peter's Parking deck at 1:30 p.m. In addition, the brand new 2008-2009 basketball posters will be available at no charge.

Click here for more information about the autograph session