Friday, December 07, 2007

Paul Johnson is the man

It is being reported that Paul Johnson will be the next head coach at GT with a deal estimated in the range of $14MM for 6 years (about $2.3MM per year). Quite a bounty if you ask me, but that's in the range of the going rate for BCS coaches these days. If GT wanted him, then by all rights they should not have let $500k get in the way of it happening - although I still believe we should never have to outbid SMU to get a guy we want. Having said that, I think it was clear that SMU was willing to up the ante to whatever number it was going to take.

Of course that means he's make more money or about the same as Richt, Rodriguez, Beamer, Tressel and Miles before his recent extension.

Expectations are going to be high - as they should be.

Now the 2nd layer of questions - what will happen to Jon Tenuta? You know, his defense could be great with an offense that runs the ball a lot and stays on the field. You hear me JT?

What will happen to Giff Smith? The best thing that happened in our recruiting in years and where will he fit in ....... if at all.

Who will his assistants be? That is almost as important as the head guy. Johnson's defenses were never known to be that stout, but my guess is that his deal protected his current guys.

Stay tuned.......