Saturday, December 08, 2007

Assistant Coaching Rumors

From the Annapolis paper:

Word is steadily filtering out about the destinations of the various Navy
assistant coaches. A huge hint came this afternoon when only a portion of the
Navy staff attended the press conference to announce Ken Niumatalolo as head
coach. Defensive coordinator Buddy Green was the most notable assistant in
attendance. Defensive line coach Dale Pehrson, outside linebackers coach Keith
Jones, inside linebackers coach Danny O'Rourke, secondary coach Joe Speed and
fullbacks coach Chris Culton were also spotted.Noticeably absent were the
majority of offensive staff members, including slot backs coach Jeff Monken,
wide receivers coach Brian Bohannon, co-offensive line coach Todd Spencer and
quarterbacks coach Ivin Jasper.Navy is reportedly making a very strong push to
retain Jasper, who would presumably receive a healthy raise and new job title
such as assistant head coach. Word has leaked from various sources that Monken,
Bohannon and Spencer have all told people they are heading to Georgia Tech with
former head coach Paul Johnson.

What does it mean? Well, the most visible piece of the puzzle is Defensive Coordinator. If Buddy Green stays at Navy, then that certainly opens the door for Jon Tenuta.

For the most part, the rumors are that PJ is going to bring most of his offensive staff, although it looks like Navy is fighting to keep the QB coach. Also appears that the O-Line coach will stay at Navy, opening the door for Coach D.