Monday, December 03, 2007

Paul Johnson - Head Coaching record at Navy

Now that Randy Edsall is off the list, let's take a look at Paul Johnson. What he has done over the last four seasons at Navy is truly remarkable. My guess is that it's a little tougher getting the players you want when there's, you know, a war.

- 3-2 record vs. BCS foes this year
- 7-9 record vs. BCS foes over the last three years
- 6-0 versus Army
- 16-2 versus fellow mid-majors over the last three years

Out of the current candidates, he would be my choice.

He currently makes $1 million annually at Navy. Since he works for the military, you can not obtain a copy of his contract unfortunately. I don't know what his buyout would be, but in addition to his buyout, I would guess it would take a 5 year commitment at $6 million to get him.