Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Bubble Talk

by Lennie Mac

We still have eleven or so weeks to go until selection Sunday, but already GT is behind the 8 ball to get into the tournament. A good effort losing to Kansas by 5 as a 10 point underdog actually didn't hurt them much at all, but already they are in big trouble.

Georgia Tech's current RPI rating is 77. The last two years the last four at-large teams RPI ratings were:

2007 - 52-53-55-65
2006 - 51-56-57-58

Georgia Tech has to get in the low 50's to have a reasonable chance. They can't drop any further.

The next 5 games for the Jackets are critical. GT plays Centenary, Tennessee Tech, Florida State and Presbyterian at home and UGA in Athens. They must win their next 5 games just to improve their RPI rating by just a few spots. Lose one to FSU, and they'll drop slightly, lose to any of the other four and they'll sink like a stone.