Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good night all

It looks like the coaching search is down to the wire. The AJC is reporting that Will Muschamp is out of the running. The behind-the-scenes rumors swirling are that Muschamp was D-Rad's #1 guy and that the old Tech guard shot down that option because of the mutt ties. Further adding intrigue is a rumor originally posted at Rivals.com today (and now all over), that Muschamp had already lined up Chris Hatcher to be his offensive coordinator. Now, I wasn't crazy about the idea of a mutt for a coach, but I started to warm up to it this week. Then when I read about Hatcher as OC, I thoughtbe a serious powerhouse. I could roll with that. Other rumors are that Muschamp wanted to go another direction with the DC - not Tenuta. Rumor, rumor, rumor.

Again, all that is pure heresay and rumor. The AJC says it appears to be down to Johnson, Neuheisel and Hatcher. I cannot get behind Neuheisel but the other guys would be fine with me.
Of course there's another path. Maybe D-Rad pulls a serious rabbit out of his hat that nobody sees coming. Could that happen? Doubtful, but I wouldn't put it past him. There is plenty of precedent of final hires never coming up in the media prior to the announcement.

At this point, the general concensus is that Johnson has the offer and he's evaluating whether he wants to coach for his buddy AD S.Orsini at SMU.

Stay tuned.