Friday, December 24, 2004

Where are they now - Jay Payton

Payton is back with his college buddy Jason Varitek. Of course Nomar is gone, or it would have been the tri-fecta. Story here..... This writer questions if Jay Payton's psyche can take a trade like this:

A Zanesville native, Payton was traded from San Diego to the world champion Red Sox Monday night for a light-hitting, injury-prone centerfielder in Dave Roberts. The same Dave Roberts who never cracked the everyday lineup in Cleveland, and who never has been able to hit or get on base consistently.

Nice words from the writer:

Jay is one of the most forthright, understanding guys that I have ever met. When he wasn't playing full time after he slumped midway through the season last year -- he needed to hit .360 in September just to finish at .260 -- he never once complained publicly. This guy is admirable in every sense of the word, in that respect...........

Now he is off to Boston. Payton's character has been tested before and it's definitely going to be tested again. His biggest test won't be hitting and fielding in Fenway Park. For that, his game is tailored perfectly.

This is a test of his patience, something that has never let him down throughout the course of his career. Regardless, Payton will make the most of his situation.

He doesn't know any other way.