Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pictures from Graduation

Good pictures of John Salley at graduation ceremonies, including a picture of Robert Brooks and Clarence Moore:

In addition, Coach Hewitt was the guest speaker at a recent "Lunch Bunch". To read the report on what he had to say - click here.

Some interesting points worth note:

1. Coach feels that our team NEXT season will be the fastest he has ever had by far. Incoming recruit Austin Jackson is the fastest recruit he's ever brought in. Lewis Clinch is probably faster than anyone on the current team.

2. Our biggest weakness this year is passing accuracy. Not amount of passing, but accuracy delivering the ball to the right spot.

3. Mario West is probably the 2nd best defender on the team and will likely play a larger role on the team next season.

4. Still looking to possibly sign one more kid in the spring - a big guy.