Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hoops Notes

Some stuff you already know about, but lets get it covered.

Can Paul Hewitt possibly go through a season without losing an important team member? Well, not this year - as Lewis Clinch is going to miss 4-6 weeks with a stress fracture. An injury that started out as what appeared to be a strained calf, but progressively got worse until it was determined to be a stress fracture. Bad thing is that he can't even do any activity, so he'll have to get back into game shape after he's "healed"........ Not good, but if anyone has experience shuffling a line-up it's Coach Hewitt............. Speaking of shuffling the line-up.............


In tonight's game against Jacksonville, the starting line-up is going to look different. The South Carolina boys are going to have to watch the opening tip from the bench, as Paco Diaw gets the start at PG over Zam Fredrick and Theodis Tarver gets the start over Ra'Sean Dickey down low. Remember - defense defines the starters in a Coach Hewitt system. With that in mind, this should not be a huge surpise. Offensively it's a BIG step down, but this is only the starting line-up. Remember, it's who finishes, not who starts that REALLY matters. Personally, I don't think a few minutes of outstanding play by Diaw gives him the starting job, but who am I to question Coach? He says none of this is about sending messages - it's about chemistry and teamwork. Can't argue that. We'll see what happens tonight against another former Hewitt protoge-turned-headcoach...........

Yet again, Coach Hewitt will match wits against a former assistant, this time Cliff Warren. Last year he faced JMU Coach Dean Keener as well as former Siena assistant Steve Evans. Is Coach Hewitt starting his own coaching family tree? He's certainly off to a good start.