Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Football - Tommy Tubberville on GT game

Tommy reflects on the Auburn season in this Q&A and the Georgia Tech loss:

A lot of people believe Auburn's loss to Georgia Tech is the black mark on the resume. Is that an accurate assessment?

I thought we were going to be good as the season went on. When we played (Tech), we just weren't mentally and physically ready to play the kind of team that plays that kind of ball. They put a lot of pressure on us. We made so many mistakes. We didn't know enough, coaching-wise, about our kids to know how to counteract that. Unless all your players are back from the year before, you're going to have some adjustments to make.

I'd love to have played that game a little later in the season. We still had a chance to win that game. We were only down a few points in the fourth quarter. We just didn't do it.

Do you think that loss worked to strengthen the team?

I don't think it changed anything. We knew we'd be better by the middle of the season. We just had to stay afloat until then. Was it a surprise that we lost? Not really. We felt like we had a good team but experience is so important early in the season.