Friday, December 09, 2005

Football History - Dodd, the Bear and Curry

Interesting find:

One thing I always respected was Bolton's unflinching willingness to take a stand for what he believed was right, even if it meant swimming against the popular current. He couldn't understand, for example, why so many Alabama fans and ex-players were unwilling to accept Bill Curry.

He pointed out, quite accurately, that when Bear Bryant sought to patch up his differences with Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd, he asked Curry to intercede, and Bolton went on to speculate - also correctly, in my view - that Bryant, had he still been alive, would have been appalled and ashamed by the shabby treatment Curry received from the moment he was named head coach at Alabama.

Some time after Curry left for Kentucky, Bolton read a classified ad in the News for a plot "near Bear Bryant's grave'' in Elmwood Cemetery. He clipped and mailed the ad to Curry with the notation: "Georgia Tech SOBs need not apply.'' Curry framed it and hung it on his wall.

Bear, Shug and Dye

Whether you harbor hard feelings towards Bill Curry for leaving GT, you cannot deny that this guy has a strong place in our history............... Rumors are swirling that Dave Braine will announce his retirement soon after the new year, so don't be surprised to see Curry as one of the potential replacement candidates.